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Thirty Lessons

... every word has a meaning.

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30 Lessons

Welcome to 30 Lessons. This is pretty much teh same with the other 30 communities, only that the themes here are based on lessons learned at school. Yes, you saw that right. This means that school isn't entirely boring. Who knows? You might even love school more. ^^

The community is open to all pairs, slash, yaoi or yuri, hetero, even real people slash. Yes, real people slash. The comm is also open to all, so feel free to join and appreciate the works that will be posted here.

The themes are posted down there. You may or may not do them in order. Please bear in mind that the fic must contain the theme.

You can mention it, make it a part of any conversation, find a song related to it, you decide.

The Themes:
A. English
1. Verbals
2. Phrases, Clauses, Sentences, Clusters
3. Function Words and Content Words [Parts of Speech]
4. Literary Devices [Figures of Speech]
5. Errors Against Clarity
6. Errors Against Brevity and Conciseness
7. Communication
8. Sentence Patterns
9. Subject-Verb Agreement

B. Mathematics
1. Arithmetic
2. Algebra
3. Geometry
4. Trigonometry
5. Statistics
6. Probability
7. Calculus

C. Science
1. Biology
2. Chemistry
3. Physics
4. Astronomy or Astrology
5. Social Sciences

D. Economics
1. Economies of Scale
2. Production Possibilities Curve
3. Budget Line
4. Ceteris Paribus
5. Opportunity Cost
6. Marginal Rate of Substitution
7. Law of Supply and Demand

E. Philosophy
1. Logic
2. Fallacies

The Rules:
[1] You can claim three pairings at a time, the pairings coming from different anime. Just be sure you can handle all three without neglecting any of them. Claim your pair here.
[2] This is in connection with the first. Please take note that if you will be taking two to three pairings, you would be required to make 30 fanworks for each pairing.
[3] Share-a-pair is allowed, but sharing is limited to two people only.
[4] Please follow this format when posting:


(lj-cut text="insert randomness here") **replace () with <>

[5] Original characters are allowed.
[6] Pairings based on real people (band, actors, seiyuu, blah) are allowed. Yayness!
[7] Any fanwork is accepted. This may range from fics to fanarts and even icons, wallies, or layouts.
[8] Alternative Universe [AU], Multi-chaptered fics, Songfic, Deathfic... are allowed.
[9] Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
[10] If you are to drop your claim, please reply to this post. If you have already finished your claim, please reply to this post.

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Owners: onew[ochibichan @ gmail.com] and yumeyana[hikaru.ryo @ gmail.com]